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Make the choice of an independent and quality survey, based on more than thirty years of experience in the marine field.


CMCS operates throughout the Caribbean, with professionals as well as individuals, in insurance, freight and yachting. And our areas of intervention are numerous, to better support you in all your needs.

Here are the details:

Survey following a claim

The appraisal following a claim or damage may be mandated by the insurance or the shipowner (in this case, as a second appraisal).

CMCS will then intervene to find the causes of the incident, to determine the extent of the damage, to assess the damage and to estimate the work to be carried out for the restoration of the vessel.

It is on the basis of the surveyor’s conclusions that the insurance will decide whether the claim falls within the scope of its guarantee.

Pre-transactional survey

Seller or purchaser, CMCS assists you in securing your transaction. Our survey duty will be to ensure that your purchase or sale is made with full knowledge of the condition of the vessel and its real value.

The pre-transactional survey is a detailed assessment of the vessel’s condition. It is done visually, without disassembly.

This involves drawing up a precise picture of the condition of the ship and its gear.

Our survey leads to the drafting of a detailed report indicating the condition of the vessel, the estimation of its value, and recommendations on immediate and future repairs.

Surveyor witness

In the event of legal proceedings, CMCS may intervene as an surveyor witness.

Our role as a marine expert will be to provide you with our technical insight. With the greatest respect for the ethics of our profession, which requires impartiality, our analyzes are independent and objective, and we offer you our observations, our advice and our recommendations with professionalism and the greatest rigor.

A surveyor at your service

The roles of a marine surveyor are multiple. If you have any questions regarding our services or if you would like to request for a quote or an intervention, do not hesitate to contact us by clicking here.

Valuable survey

CMCS can draw up an Assessment Report, which is mandatory to insure your vessel, and which may also be requested in certain situations, by customs in particular, or in the event of inheritance, share transactions or legal proceedings.

The expert visit is a visual examination, without dismantling, but in depth. This involves examining the general condition of the boat, its structural integrity, regulatory compliance and seaworthiness.

It leads to the drafting of a report which estimates the detailed value of the boat and its equipment.

Merchandise survey

In the event of a dispute over the condition of the goods upon receipt, CMCS can intervene at your side.

If some of your goods are damaged or even missing, then our intervention will aim to note the damage, to objectively determine the cause and circumstances, and to quantify the cost.

The valuation of the goods will give rise to a report, which will allow the insurance to reimburse the costs.

Technical survey

CMCS can also take care of the technical examination of your vessel.

Beyond the visual examination required by a pre-transactional or pre-insurance survey, technical survey, which requires a specialist, will allow you to obtain a diagnosis in a specific area.

Each survey leads to the drafting of a report to guide and advise you. But when it comes to technical analysis, all needs are different. Do not hesitate to contact us to determine the analysis (s) you need.